Where to Eat

Local Pubs and Restaurants:

As there are only two places to eat on the estate, excluding the light railway cafe and in view of the increasing diversity of foods available within, say a ten mile radius, it is felt prudent to give other restaurants a mention – having first visited them.

We have, in the New Romney area alone, A Mexican establishment, Italian, two award winning Indian, Chinese, Tai, Greek and recently somewhere you can experience Goan food.   On top of this we have not so long ago been graced with  restaurateur Costas from Hythe –  now at 103 The Parade, Littlestone.   And for a gourmet experience, a little further down the road at Brookland, the Royal Oak.


On the beach, betwixt the two lighthouses is the long established Britannia Public House which ostensibly caters for the passing tourist trade and offers traditional fayre at reasonable prices, if in a somewhat less than friendly atmosphere.   01797 321959


Close by is the Romney Hythe and Dymchurch Railway (RH&DR) 'caff' which restricts its menu to teas, coffees and light snacks.


At the other end of the estate – to be precise just off the estate – is the world famous Pilot Inn Public House.   I say world famous as it was once mentioned in the New York Times as the place to go to find the best fish and chips east of Riverside Drive!!!!   Now under the ownership of Sue Perry and family the establishment does provide excellent fish and chips and although not all locally sourced they do use only fresh fish from fishing fleets along the south Coast.   The portions are generous and kids can eat free if you get there early!!!   Tel 01797 320314


In Lydd, just 4 miles down the road we have a good Indian, Chinese and popular fish and chip takeaway




Link Details:
The Britannia Inn Near the Old Lighthouse and RHDR station.
The Pilot Public House Near the entrance to the Dungeness Estate
The Gallivant Hotel At Camber, near Dungeness