Storm Force Angus

Now copying the U.S. we are naming our storms – and yesterday (November 20th) was the first this year and called Angus.   Yes it rained and the wind was quite strong and it did cause a little havoc along the coast here.

The Dungeness lifeboat, along with Dover’s’  and two helicopters, was called out at 08.52,  to assist in the rescue of several seamen who became endangered when their vessel, the Saga Sky, collided with another vessel, loaded with rocks, some three miles off the coast.  11 of the 23 man crew were airlifted to safety but returned later when the damaged vessel managed to leave the area. 

None were hurt and the lifeboat returned safely

In the meantime we had lost our electricity.  It went off about 3 a.m. then back on for half an hour or so and then remained off until 7.30 in the evening.  The nuclear power station seemed to have its lights on – but we – a mere half a mile away had to suffer in the gloom.

Despite the high winds – no damage other than a few fences blown over.

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Fish Hut/Snack Shack wants to expand!

The success of the local ‘Fish Hut/ snack Shack’, run by the local Thomas family (Lee and Kelly Smith) goes from strength to strength and is now looking to expand their fayre.

‘We would like to sell more local produce from the Fish Hut/Snack Shack’ says Shelly ‘  ‘We already have Kent Crisps and Hastings Lemon Ketchup and next year we’ll have Romney Marsh Ale.too.   Not forgetting the freshest of local fish  straight off our own boats.’

‘We would like to know if there is any interest in our providing locally made specialty breads  –   probably at weekends only.   We are looking to work with my friends at ‘The Lazy Bakery’ from Rye or with ‘Dockers Bakery’ in Folkestone – both being really good artisan producer specialising in lovely sourdoughs and the like.   If this is something you think you’d consider purchasing, please just drop me an email at  or better still pop in for a bite and let me know personally. Good positive feedback will help us decide if this is something we’can work towards.’   Thanks Kelly

Crew mmember Paul with all that is left from todays catch!

Fish Hut 1

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Dungeness circa 1885 – Local Author ‘Secrets of the Shingle’

Local author Emma Batten has just released her first work of fiction – and a very good read it is.
The story is set in Dungeness around the 1890’s and really does provide a good ‘picture’ and feel for the area around that time. Emma has gone to great lengths for  factual accuracy – even down to the times of the trains running from Lydd to Dungeness.
The story of a school teacher from Ashford expecting her new position at the Dungeness school to be in a lovely seaside village. Some hopes!   And of course her difficulty in fitting in with the locals.

‘Secrets of the Shingle’ is available on kindle for £2-50 or for other formats of e-reader on: /

Also available as a paperback (£9.99) from the Romney Marsh Visitor Centre, and at both Dungeness and New Romney RH&DR Stations or by contacting Emma through her website A copy can be delivered locally for £7.50 or posted for £9.99

Again – a very good read and well worth a ‘tenner’. A nice little stocking filler!!! Reviews would be most welcome through this website!

About Emma Batten – Self Publishing Author
I live on Romney Marsh and love to combine my interest in local history with creative writing. It’s important to me that the historical details are accurate and to give my readers an authentic insight of life here on Romney Marsh, as well as creating believable plots.

I am an active member of  Marsh Ink Writers’ Group. Meeting other local writers gives me motivation and there is always something new to learn.

Coming soon ‘A Place called Hope’, based around New Romney and Hope.

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Award Winning Photo

Reproduced with the kind permission of the Kentish Express.

Photograph by Alex Lacobet

The picture also appeared in the national press.

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Lifeboat Donation

The RNLI lifeboat station at Dungeness has  received a donation in excess of £800.00 from the family of the late Mark Stanley.   The money came from individual contributions made by the many friends and family who attended the recent funeral service.

Mark, who died at the early age of 58, made national headline news, following the disasterous ‘Herald of Free Enterprise’ sinking in March 1987, which claimed the lives of  193 people.  Following the incident Mark had his sea faring licence revoked and the memories of that fateful day were to haunt him for the remaining years of his life.

His family stated he spent many hours on the beach at Dungeness, in quiet private reflection and the family, having a sea faring tradition, felt it appropriate to make the donation to the local lifeboat station.

A sad affair all round!.

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Another One Missing?

Dungeness lifeboat was launched just after ten this morning after flip flops found at waters edge.

Search for possible missing person still ongoing together with the air sea rescue helicopter from Lydd.

Always the possibility of a hoax but search has to be made.

We shall see!

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5 Die in Sea

Five people died in the sea yesterday in the Camber area, just around the corner from Dungeness.
The lifeboat and Air Sea Rescue were called out twice to assist in the rescue.

Camber, unlike Dungeness, which has exceptionally deep water between high and low tide, has 5 miles of very shallow sandy beach which seems to give a false sense of security. Initially it was thought that rip tides were the cause of the incident but the RNLI seems to be of the opinion that it is the very fast incoming tide that catches people out.

In any event a terrible tragedy which seems to have taken the lives of five friends from London.
Car stickers, from the RNLI simply says ‘Respect the Sea! A point to remember wherever you are swimming.

(seems this blog got stuck in the outbox – so a little out of date – but never the less a poignant reminder how cruel even the most innocent looking of the sea it can be dangerous)

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Tart, Tartt or Tarte?

I have received two independent emails from individuals claiming to be relatives of the Tart family at Dungeness.

The ‘Tarts’ are one of the original families to establish themselves here, many years ago.

One subscriber asked me to amend mention of the Tarts originally coming from France and that the name was never spelt with an ‘e’ (on the end) – Tarte!

Coincidently we received a request for help in seeking a ‘glossy’ magazine article (possibly Homes and Gardens’ or similar – from a few years ago). This request came from a person who is writing a book on the family and had traced her family ties back to the 1600’s, when the Tartes came to the area, from France, before moving on to America.

So (and I do hate people who start their sentence with a ‘So’!!!) if anyone has any information on the Tart family – or indeed any articles of yesteryear relating to Dungeness in general, they would be very much appreciated.

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Recent Film – Afro Punk Girl – Support Needed

A ‘short’ film, entitled ‘Afro Punk Girl’, with the support of ‘Film London’, was recently made here, on the beach and other locations along the coast – namely Camber Sands and the Nature Reserve at Rye (Winchelsea).

Both daughter Tilly and I (reluctantly) ended up as extras, following which we both became involved as ‘runners’, providing support for the day to day production. Tiring for me but useful experience for Tilly who, eventually, wants to end up in stage/film makeup.

Although, ostensibly, funded by Film London, who support and give young directors a platform in an industry which is very difficult to break into, there is still a shortfall in their mediocre budget. Small donations are needed (for no financial gain!) and to date 75% of the required £5500.00 has been achieved. Even a small donation of just £5.00 will go a long way and be much appreciated.

Do have a look at the promotional video where you will have the opportunity to add a few pennies! Donations may also be made through the ‘Donate’ button on this website.

Incidentally the last short film made here a few years ago, with daughter Tilly appearing with Anna Maxwell-Martin and Neil Barry went on to win the Edinburgh Festival award for best ‘short’ film. This is still available for viewing (only 15 minutes long) as director Dictynna Hood has had it added to her last feature length film ‘Wreckers’. Available of course at Amazon

DANIELLE VITALIS in the lead role.

Writer/director Annetta Laufer Producers Shobu Kapoor and Anya Ryzhenkova

Share the project link with your family and friends, on any website or forum you are a part of and help us reach our target.

Spread the word. We are on Facebook and Twitter. Talk about us.

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Back on the market!

Sadly it seem the sale of ‘Jesmond’ has fallen through – but not knoweth why.

On sale for offers around £385,000.00

Views from the 1st Floor

Uninterrupted views to the Channel – except for the lighthouse

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