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A warm welcome to Richard Davies who has recently taken over the Britannia Pub (more about him in a later blog)

Richard is aware how the ‘Brit’ has been run down over the past several years.   Once the hub of the local community, with the changing demographics and less people actually residing here permanently, the place did not offer too much in the way of goodwill or good food.

Richard is changing all that with home cooked foods with meats coming from Lydd and ice creams from Maidstone…………………….   More later>

And talking of pubs the 270 year old ‘Royal Mail’  in Lydd suddenly closed.   The brewery, Shepherd Neame (local Kentish Brewery from Faversham) reported it was no longer a viable business.

What I do not understand is how local campaigners want to keep the place open as, as Bob Martin, chairman of the local Campaign for Real Ale (Camra) said, these places are ‘an important part of community life’   ??  But they are closing because fewer people frequent them.   Simple as that.   What are prospering are the smaller micro brewery outlets and it is there you can get a variety of local beers.

Pubs have to be more than beer sellers and must provide something ‘extra’ to attract the punters.   Good food or music and certainly must appeal to the family.  

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There seem to be more and more overnight campers on the beach, flagrantly ignoring the, very polite, notices to refrain from so doing.  The general public seem to forget Dungeness is a private estate and not dedicated to the public.

Seems EDF are in a quandary as to what to do about it.

I have suggested the erection of watch towers and machine gun posts but alas these cannot be considered of the grounds of ‘Elfin Safety’   Evidently a guard may fall off the ladder ascending the towers!

Bring in a private  car parking enforcement company and leave it to them.   At least that distances EDF and the affable Owen Leyshon from the ignorant sods they often have to deal with

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Interesting pic of the Old Lighthouse from the grounds of the Roundhouse.

Alas cannot find the original email from the photographer but looking at the copyright stamp it would seem to be N Barsons.  (Please get in touch)

And anyone thinking of transferring the image to a piece of pottery (a dinner or wall plate perchance) remember it is copyrighted!!

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Ben Fogle – More 4, Thursday 6th April

More 4 TV channel Freeview and Freesat at 8pm Thursday 6th April 2017 sees Ben Fogle, adventurer extraordinaire, walking his dog around Dungeness.

Haven’t seen anything of this series but assume Ben and his dog will be sniffing around the boats on the foreshore and other places of interest to a dog!

We shall see!

Below, from Ben’s Website – – a small taste of his exploits from around the world. From Antarctica, rowing across the Atlantic to finally arriving at Dungeness. What an extraordinary life. His website certainly worth visiting!


‘Ben Fogle is a broadcaster, traveller and adventurer.

He has rowed the Atlantic Ocean, crossed Antarctica on foot, run across the Sahara and crossed the Empty Quarter on camel.

He has presented numerous hit programmes on the BBC, ITV and Channel 5 including, New Lives in the Wild, Extreme Dreams, Countrywise, Harbour Lives, Through Hell and High Water and Crufts.

He writes regularly for the Sunday Telegraph and has written six Sunday Times bestseller books.

He is an ambassador for WWF, Medecins Sans Frontier and Tusk, Centrepoint and the Princes Trust, a fellow of the Royal Geographical Society and patron of The Royal Parks Foundation.

Ben is currently filming his 5th series of New Lives in the Wild/Where the Wildmen Are and Migration for Channel 5.’

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90 This Year – The RH&DR

The Romney Hythe & Dymchurch Railway (RH&DR) celebrates 90 years of operation this year.

This year also marks another celebration – 70 years to the day,(March 21st 1947) that popular comedy duo – Laurel and Hardy reopened the line which had not been fully operational (for the public) during the Second World War. A two page spread, with over half a dozen photos, can be seen in this weeks Kentish Express(March 23rd) –
There will be special weekend of celebrations on 16th and 17th July. More details on the RH&DR website (go to ‘Links’)
Other celebrities to have visited the RH&DR include the, to be, King George VI in 1926 and in 1957 the Queen and family, with the young Prince Charles ‘having a go’ on the footplate.
Roger Daltry, rock legend from The Who, came along last year to open the new Cafe at Dungeness.

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Snack Shack Shortlisted for Award

The ‘Snack Shack’ – situated on the beach, owned and operated by Kenny Thomas and family, has been shortlisted in the ‘Best Coastal Fish Restaurant of The Year Awards’. The fact that it is in the open air, with diners sitting outside on an array of seating, seems not to have been a deterrent to its nomination into the U.K’s only fishing industry awards. Organised by ‘Fishing News’ the awards are in recognition of those who actively promote and highlight the fishing industry.

The ‘Snack Shack’provides an extensive choice of quality sea foods and can boast that what was caught in the morning can be devoured the same afternoon.
Local caught fish can also be purchased as soon as the catch has landed. Can’t get fresher than that!

The shortlist is available to view on and public voting is invited – UNTIL April 28th.

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a.m. p.m.

As nothing seems to be happening locally, worthy of comment, I thought I’d start adding a few pics past and present!

At the start of a day, less than 20 miles away, the sun rises over the French Coast on a frosty morning.

At the start of the day-Edit

And at the end of a day the sun sinks on Eastbourne

At the end of the day

Photos: © Mike Golding

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The Pilot Public House – Revisited

I had forgotten how good the Pilot is for food. One tends to forget what is on ones doorstep.

It has been some considerable time since I last visited The Pilot and whilst some prices are a little higher than I remembered the quality of food and the service of the ever attendant staff makes the place an exceptional place to eat. Although previously finding fame for its Fish ‘n’ Chips – the menu now ranges from sandwiches and pies to King Prawns and Steaks. The full menu can be viewed on their website. And I will add this is not a paid for write up but a result of a genuine reaction from a visit last evening!

The fish meal is exceptionally good and it doesn’t have to come with batter. Pan fried was perfect – with a large salad. In all a healthy well balanced meal – but spoilt with an apple crumble pudding with cream and ice cream. I am weak!

The pub is owned by locals Niko Miaoulis, his wife Rachel and Michelle with son Rob in attendance.

Well worth a visit next time you are in the area.

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Road Repaired

At, very long, last the road is being resurfaced – properly!
This means the speed merchants who like to visit the area will be able to achieve at least 100 mph without endangering themselves on the pot holes.
Thank you EDF

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Tsunami Threat????!!!!!!!!

Headline scare stories say that underwater movements off the coast of Norway could bring 60 foot waves to the area and demands are being made for the protection of the power station. Protection of the power station? 60 foot waves will spread across the Marsh beyond Appledore and Rye. I don’t think any survivors will be worrying about a bit of under water radiation (can you radiate under water?) and in any event it would need a very big wall to be built around the ‘B’ station to protect it. Just thought – ‘Donald Trump’ – he could help once he has finished a bit of brick laying on one of his borders.

Having said that the newspaper article (and it wasn’t even in the ‘Sun’) did then taper off to the smaller print where it said it was unlikely that the south coast would be affected from anything emanating from north west of Scotland. I suppose ‘Tsunami Not Likely’ is hardly a good headline – so best stick to scare mongering.

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