Democracy in Action! Planning Decision

A public meeting was held last evening (Tuesday 29th August) in the Council offices in Folkestone to hear the arguments for and against the proposals for the redevelopment of the derelict radar site.

Consent was granted with only one Councillor against – from Lydd Council.

This council was the only objector. Their grounds being that the development ‘not in keeping’.

This comment, from anyone, does make my blood boil and, having been granted permission to speak at the hearing, I reminded all those present that one of the features that adds to the uniqueness of Dungeness is the fact that every single building on the Estate is different. So how can a modest innocuous little building (see post here) be out of keeping. A point seemingly agreed by all other committee members.

Anyway good to see democracy in action where mere members of the public can stand up and have their say?

Normally I do not vocally support specific planning applications – preferring to be a member of the silent majority who, by virtue of the fact they don’t complain, must be considered in favour.

On this occasion though I became incensed by comments from those against the motion, who do not live here or, the non-resident, weekender – in this case a very nice lady who at least had the guts to stand and express her views.

I am glad we live in a society where one can be heard!

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