Tsunami Threat????!!!!!!!!

Headline scare stories say that underwater movements off the coast of Norway could bring 60 foot waves to the area and demands are being made for the protection of the power station. Protection of the power station? 60 foot waves will spread across the Marsh beyond Appledore and Rye. I don’t think any survivors will be worrying about a bit of under water radiation (can you radiate under water?) and in any event it would need a very big wall to be built around the ‘B’ station to protect it. Just thought – ‘Donald Trump’ – he could help once he has finished a bit of brick laying on one of his borders.

Having said that the newspaper article (and it wasn’t even in the ‘Sun’) did then taper off to the smaller print where it said it was unlikely that the south coast would be affected from anything emanating from north west of Scotland. I suppose ‘Tsunami Not Likely’ is hardly a good headline – so best stick to scare mongering.

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