Memories Continued

Having seen the lovely picture of the school with all the proud school children circa 1940 below is how it looked like after Hitler decided to close it.

Taken around 1950 it shows the author and, younger, Uncle on the rather unstable roof.   No one had heard of ‘Health and Safety’ in those days.  Rather sad really as there seems to be very little  left for the ‘adventurous’ growing up these days.


                The railway station, taken at the same time, had simply run into disrepair. 

  This line ran past the old school and provided an additional  playground for youngsters.


Still looking for a photograph of the original ‘Britannia’ pub, which had been burnt out.   But still inside was the old ‘Joanna’ which still made a good noise by plucking the strings.

And of course, even in the ‘Fifties’ there was still no running water, electricity or means of sewerage disposal.

Water came from a pump in the beach – usually situated in the kitchen.   Some shacks had small pot bellied multi fuel heaters – otherwise nothing as there was no electricity.  Light came from paraffin lamps or pressurised  mentholated spirit contraptions and just can’t remember how we heated food or made hot water – possibly from an adaption of the aforementioned  pressure  lamps.  Milk was delivered in bulk and was collected from the lorry in jugs.   Fish were caught by tying hooks to a line with a large pebble with a hole through it – and a length of rope with a wooden handle or in the mackerel season hooks were floated from sealed bottles that simply floated about.

Back stays were the order of the day – like flip flops but made of flat pieces of wood – to stop one sinking into the beach (yes there was no vegetation in those days so no believing English Nature saying so many plants have been here forever are are indigenous to the area).

And finally the bucket with the human waste  was taken over to the sea at high tide.   Frequently one got their own back if the wind was blowing the wrong way.

Those were the days.

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