Further Memories

The following pics were taken by Peter ion the summer of 1959, who has fond memories of this desolate place – well it was in those days.    The first being the now long gone ‘Experimental Station belonging to ……………………. followed by the first digging of the large hole that was to be the bowels of the ‘A’ station nuclear power reactor.   And ‘they’ were told not to build it so close to the sea – but then ‘they’ know better.


The last pic is of Peters lady wife at the New Roney railway station – agin in 1959


Peter writes:-


I knew Dungeness well during my childhood.   Our family stayed in one of the  “rescued” railway carriages known as “Mossy-Cot” between the Fog Horn and Lighthouse during 946 and 1959.

I remember the filming with Googie Withers on the beach towards where the Power Stations are now.  In 1959 I took a photo of the first works concerning the future Power Station and still have it !
I remember the RHDR railway track being twisted and unusable in 1946 but in good repair and with trains running again the following year.
There was a community then which has sadly been lost to many week-enders in the interim but I remember the Tart and Oiler families and became first interested in Lifeboats when watching a beach-launch in fog early one morning. I was seven years old!
  It is my desire that Dungeness remains the beautiful and fresh-smelling area that I have been privileged to experience for a very long time and to say how fortunate anyone is to live there now.
You may also like to know that I have been a RNLI fundraising volunteer for some years now, due to my first experiences at Dungeness when Mr Tart was Cox’n.







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