Storm Force Angus

Now copying the U.S. we are naming our storms – and yesterday (November 20th) was the first this year and called Angus.   Yes it rained and the wind was quite strong and it did cause a little havoc along the coast here.

The Dungeness lifeboat, along with Dover’s’  and two helicopters, was called out at 08.52,  to assist in the rescue of several seamen who became endangered when their vessel, the Saga Sky, collided with another vessel, loaded with rocks, some three miles off the coast.  11 of the 23 man crew were airlifted to safety but returned later when the damaged vessel managed to leave the area. 

None were hurt and the lifeboat returned safely

In the meantime we had lost our electricity.  It went off about 3 a.m. then back on for half an hour or so and then remained off until 7.30 in the evening.  The nuclear power station seemed to have its lights on – but we – a mere half a mile away had to suffer in the gloom.

Despite the high winds – no damage other than a few fences blown over.

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