5 Die in Sea

Five people died in the sea yesterday in the Camber area, just around the corner from Dungeness.
The lifeboat and Air Sea Rescue were called out twice to assist in the rescue.

Camber, unlike Dungeness, which has exceptionally deep water between high and low tide, has 5 miles of very shallow sandy beach which seems to give a false sense of security. Initially it was thought that rip tides were the cause of the incident but the RNLI seems to be of the opinion that it is the very fast incoming tide that catches people out.

In any event a terrible tragedy which seems to have taken the lives of five friends from London.
Car stickers, from the RNLI simply says ‘Respect the Sea! A point to remember wherever you are swimming.

(seems this blog got stuck in the outbox – so a little out of date – but never the less a poignant reminder how cruel even the most innocent looking of the sea it can be dangerous)

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