Tart, Tartt or Tarte?

I have received two independent emails from individuals claiming to be relatives of the Tart family at Dungeness.

The ‘Tarts’ are one of the original families to establish themselves here, many years ago.

One subscriber asked me to amend mention of the Tarts originally coming from France and that the name was never spelt with an ‘e’ (on the end) – Tarte!

Coincidently we received a request for help in seeking a ‘glossy’ magazine article (possibly Homes and Gardens’ or similar – from a few years ago). This request came from a person who is writing a book on the family and had traced her family ties back to the 1600’s, when the Tartes came to the area, from France, before moving on to America.

So (and I do hate people who start their sentence with a ‘So’!!!) if anyone has any information on the Tart family – or indeed any articles of yesteryear relating to Dungeness in general, they would be very much appreciated.

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