Recent Film – Afro Punk Girl – Support Needed

A ‘short’ film, entitled ‘Afro Punk Girl’, with the support of ‘Film London’, was recently made here, on the beach and other locations along the coast – namely Camber Sands and the Nature Reserve at Rye (Winchelsea).

Both daughter Tilly and I (reluctantly) ended up as extras, following which we both became involved as ‘runners’, providing support for the day to day production. Tiring for me but useful experience for Tilly who, eventually, wants to end up in stage/film makeup.

Although, ostensibly, funded by Film London, who support and give young directors a platform in an industry which is very difficult to break into, there is still a shortfall in their mediocre budget. Small donations are needed (for no financial gain!) and to date 75% of the required £5500.00 has been achieved. Even a small donation of just £5.00 will go a long way and be much appreciated.

Do have a look at the promotional video where you will have the opportunity to add a few pennies! Donations may also be made through the ‘Donate’ button on this website.

Incidentally the last short film made here a few years ago, with daughter Tilly appearing with Anna Maxwell-Martin and Neil Barry went on to win the Edinburgh Festival award for best ‘short’ film. This is still available for viewing (only 15 minutes long) as director Dictynna Hood has had it added to her last feature length film ‘Wreckers’. Available of course at Amazon

DANIELLE VITALIS in the lead role.

Writer/director Annetta Laufer Producers Shobu Kapoor and Anya Ryzhenkova

Share the project link with your family and friends, on any website or forum you are a part of and help us reach our target.

Spread the word. We are on Facebook and Twitter. Talk about us.

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