Memorial Latest

Despite the weather the new memorial board has been installed.


EDF workers arrived just after eleven this morning and managed to get the bench seat inserted into the beach – and then the rains came!!


And below the man who started it all many years ago – Colin Clayton – with his temporary board which replaced the previous one destroyed in gales a year ago.

Colin has also given his time to setting up other memorials in the area including one down the road at Greatstone in remembrance of an American bomber crew.


and finally……..



One of the Polish visitors who came to pay his respects to the two fallen Polish pilots, on the 75th Anniversary of their death, has set up a Facebook page for their remembrance.

Please give it your support.

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2 Responses to Memorial Latest

  1. Wojciech says:

    I have visited Dungeness last Saturday.

    I paid my respect to fallen Polish pilots at their memorial recently renovated.

    I am full of admiration and gratitude to all people involved in the commemoration of the two Polish airmen who died in the battle for the freedom of both our countries.

    It was extremely moving for me to see how these airmen still live in the memories of many friendly people.

    Thank you all.
    Dziękuję Wam wszystkim


    We visited the site in July 2015 and met Colin and his daughter and they were very informative and a pleasure to meet them…now with a new memorial a revisit is needed..

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