Ongoing Saga – Polish Memorial

The construction (erection) of a new memorial to the two Polish airmen who died at Dungeness during the last war is still no nearer being agreed upon.   Since we first mentioned  the matter, several suggestions have been put forward but with the uncertainty of the sale of the Estate  nothing has been agreed upon.   Hopefully now with EDF in charge and Owen Leyshon very much to the forefront on local issues we will get some movement.

The latest suggestion is something similar to a ‘headstone’ made of stainless steel in the non military area of the impressive international cemetery in Brookwood.

I have suggested to Owen if all else fails we will commission a replica of the memorial we have here but made out of more sturdy hardwood posts and sealed Perspex casing to hold the personal details – virtually as is now.

A lot of people have pledged funds to keep the memory of these two young men alive so lets hope it isn’t too long before we can get things moving..






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