Bits and pieces

Not a lot happening at Dungeness. Evidently the construction company renovating/rebuilding the local station café folded but within a week a new company was on the scene and it is still planned to have all the facilities in operation by next Spring (2016 that is).

The local Coastguard service, operated by Bristow Helicopters, made a life saving sortie last week when they flew to Luton to pick up a young baby and doctors who had flown in from Glasgow. They then flew to Southampton, where a specialist baby unit stabilised the little one, before the crew flew them all back to Luton. What price a life?

Has ‘Banksie’ been back? Local restaurateur Costas Sotiriou discovered an effigy of a small boy on a rear wall of his restaurant in Greatstone – good place to eat by the way. Very much in the ‘Banksie’ style it does look as though this illusive but world famous, artist has returned to the area. Who is he?

Local newspapers report that a local councillor has been fiddling his expenses. Surely it would be news if it were reported a councillor had not done such dastardly deeds. I thought it was one of the perks of the job!

Local website ‘’ has had a facelift so well worth a visit for other local news – as indeed are the other sites that can be found on our ‘links’ page.

And above should have been posted 1st December! It is now 2016. Happy New Year.

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