Love Song of the Electric Bear?



That is the title of a small West End production from the pen of my late neighbour Snoo Wilson.

On stage for the past three weeks in a small theatre just off Leicester Square, the odd title (typical Snoo!) gave no clue as to the subject matter. In this case it told the story of Alan Turin, the brilliant mathematician who broke the ‘Enigma’ code during the 2nd World War. Also, typical of Snoo’s scribing, was his ‘oddball’ and entertaining way of looking at life. In this case the story unfolded through the eyes of Alan Turin’s Teddy Bear!

Really good, what I would call ‘proper’ acting, with minimal props and only feet from the audience. Thoroughly entertaining and should be turned into a Channel 4 TV production!

Although a neighbour for many years prior to his untimely death 18 months ago it wasn’t until I spent a couple of weeks with him on an overseas location – when making his film ‘Eichmann’, did I witness the frenetic outpouring of his brain into the keyboard – laptop not piano. Most of his waking day was spent typing and typing. Words just flowed onto the page. Quite unbelievable to see this word-smith at work.

I hasten to add it was daughter Tilly who had an acting role – I was merely the escort- I couldn’t act my way out of a paper bag.
Anyway good to see Snoos’s work being played out from someone who loved life at Dungeness – where he found the peace and tranquillity that gave him the opportunity to immerse himself in his writing.

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