Polish Airmen’s Memorial – proposal

Polish Memorial - Dungeness prop panel 3d drawing

Not a flattering pic of what the memorial might be but the idea has been put forward to have the two upright posts in the shape of a Spitfire propeller.   This however does not come cheap.   The original idea of sturdy wooden posts, similar to the information boards already on the beach, would have been around the £800.00 mark – but this suggestion (and we have only one estimate so far) is around £3000.00.

We have received several  small pledges for a new memorial and a modest 7 or 8 hundred pounds would have been achievable but to consider an expensive one would probably mean  grander gestures from other organisations – perhaps EDF – or the Polish Air Force Association or even their Embassy.

Anyway open to suggestions, comments etc.

What price for our freedom?

Polish Memorial - Dungeness prop panel plan views

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