EDF Quick off the mark!

At 8 this morning a team of at least ten contractors were at the Estate gates commencing  the making good the numerous potholes that have plagued motorists for many months now.

Well done and although much needed and well overdue I wonder whether this is an attempt to take the wind out of the sales of those more vociferous complainers who will be attending the coffee morning with power station bosses next Monday.

Monday 9th Nov

Bit quick off the mark with my praise for EDF and the ‘holy’ road.   They didn’t fill in the offending crevasses – merely cut them out by making a larger but squarish detailed effect.   Now one cannot help but run into them as opposed to using them as chicanes to drive around.

I think these holes need looking into urgently!   We will see how the meeting goes.

Update 1400 hours

And the potholes were being filled in this morning – but from 9 a.m. (must have slept in!)  – all in time for the meeting with EDF at the ‘B’ Station – which turned out to be a useful exercise.   Not only from a ‘PR’ point of view for EDF but informative from the residents.  A good turn out – with not too many ‘silly’ questions being raised.

And for all those who do not live here but are concerned about the future of the area – – as expected it will be  ‘business as usual’ and as far as EDF are concerned there will be little or no change.   The legalities of the purchase mean the keys wont be handed over until late December or early January next year,  after which there will be further meetings with the residents to look at how things can move forward for the future.


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