Good neighbours – En Tente Cordiale

As often happens people drive off the road and get stuck in the beach.   A costly mistake unless one is in one of the motoring organisations.

Last evening a French family in their motor home got stuck up to the axles.   Dint speak much English and no French on my part.   After trying a few local businesses with tow trucks – all closed – asked neighbouring fisherman Kenny Thomas if anyone on the beach could help.   Turned out his brother has a tractor for their fishing business and within half an hour or so they had gone to the aid of the stranded family.   I had asked Kenny how much he would charge – something the family wanted to know – and he replied ‘we don’t normally make a charge (although donations to the Lifeboat always appreciated)’

In this day and age how refreshing to find others willing to help – and instantly  – despite being early evening when probably other things to do.

Thanks Kenny.

And others can reward him buy purchasing fresh fish from his ‘Snack Shack’ on the main road!

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