Rare Bird and Bearded Twitchers

So the Arcadian Flycatcher hitched a lift from the States to Dungeness – and then evidently died. Relentlessly pursued by hundreds of bearded twichers it is little wonder it took the easy way out. These so called bird lovers (the Twitchers) seem to disregard normal behaviour patterns when chasing their quarry, with total disregard for private property. One poor lass threw open her bedroom curtains only to be confronted by four of these ‘persons’ leaning over the garden fence with binoculars trained on her very person. Me thinks they were after a different type of tit.
I often wonder, when observing these rambling masses, what their reaction would be if we went to their home, tromped across their gardens with spyglass and camera in hand and causing mayhem – all in the pursuit of an obscure hobby? I suspect they would call the police and the ‘intruder’ placed before the courts the following morning.
The sooner a new owner is found for Dungeness and the 20 foot high razor fence erected the better.

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