Local Councillors – Say YES

Have always been told if you don’t want to be ruled by idiots – then stand for election yourself. That said I must then be to blame for the inane comments and actions of various members of the local community ‘leaders’

They are jumping up and down over the fact that the Nat West Bank are pulling out of New Romney (capital of the Romney Marsh) stating we only have now one bank – Lloyds – to serve the whole of ‘The Marsh’. They have even written to the chairman of Nat West et al demanding a reversal of the decision. Nat West have already stated they only have 75 customers at the branch 75!! Hardly the majority of ‘Marshans’ in the area clamouring at the front door. AND a few pages on in the local rag these same democratically elected persons, representing the concerns of their constituents (that’ll be the day) are against the building of a hundred new homes – arguing that the roads are too dangerous and the area could flood. What is the matter with these people (cannot print another description). We need people in the area. More people means the new homes which means more council tax and more money spent locally. Why the hell, just for once, don’t they stand up and say YES we need the new homes, now lets look at the ways to resolve any issues. Roads can be altered easily and the developers can pay for it. To use the excuse the area may flood – this word is trolled out ad nauseam when an excuse is needed to put the kibosh anything that is personally not in keeping with THEIR desires. If the area is liable to flooding then that is something for the insurance companies to decide and in any event whilst we have a nuclear power station in the area – and hopefully another one later on (then we would need more housing) no government is going to let the area surrounding to flood.

Lets have a year of saying YES and dealing with concerns to ensure things happen.

On reflection saying yes wouldn’t work – if yes were the answer to everything these elected ‘do gooders’ wouldn’t have to have so many meetings and then their expense claims would shrink. Silly me!

On reflection why not have a mantra ‘lets not say NO to everything’ Two negatives do make a positive don’t they? That or a short circuit.

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