I didn’t Know that

Went to a gig at the annual Rye Festival Thursday evening – the ‘Mountain Firework Company’ …… and what a professional lot they are – fantastic harmonies and very good musicians and their music – for the most part self penned by the lead singer – is a mixture of folk, country, bluegrass – go see them!!!). I digress – at this gig I was approached by a lovely lady who asked if I were ‘dungie Mike’. I said yes how do you know? she said you send me emails now and again. I wasn’t aware of this but it transpired ‘my man’ who looks after the website has added a button ‘Follow’ and by attaching your email address you will be automatically be sent emails whenever I put a blog up. I should have known that and as I am acutely aware that I do neglect the site somewhat – this approach has made me realise I must keep the site up to date. Therefore like the number 11 bus that never comes and then six all arrive at the same time – so it will be now with the blogs. Read on……………………

Blogs to include the ‘Good news week’, Local council idiots’ fatwa preventing me commenting on the Residents Association, planning application refusal idiots, final Polish memorial suggestion and a few others to be dreamt up later (after I have watched the Singapore Grand Prix – via German television and Radio 5 Live (cant afford Sky!) and writing up an obituary for a lovely lady of 96 (a client of 29 years) who I sat with all day yesterday as she passed away to a better place.

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