Good News Week

Vivien and Graham Foster have been awarded the ‘Bronze Badge’ by the RNLI (Royal National Lifeboat Institution) for their valiant efforts, over many years, in fundraising for the lifeboat institution. Overseas readers may not be aware that the lifeboat service, spread around the U.K. is solely maintained by public donations and all the crews of the boats are unpaid volunteers. Its one thing to put a ‘fiver’ in the box to help the cause but behind the scenes there are people like Vivien and husband Graham who go the extra mile to help secure the much needed funds. Do go to the lifeboat ‘link’ for all the latest news on the local RNLI! and if you see the collection box in a local shop do drop your loose change in it – every little helps!

Second good news story – that of Chris Shore, local photographer and artist – with a gallery opposite the Britannia Public Hose (do visit) – who with two others rescued a woman from a blazing car after a an accident on our local A2070 road. Chris and the others were able to right the burning vehicle and used bottles of water on the fire. All three have been presented with the highest award that the police can give. Chief Constable Alan Pughsley, who presented the award stated he was humbled and added ‘…………this is just a small token from us for heroic, brave and fantastic work by members of the public. They simply saved someone’s life – the lady is here because of them…..’
Great story – courtesy of the Kentish Express. And my Chris does scrub up well!

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