An indirect Fatwa has been placed on me by the Residents Association to ensure I do not reproduce comments they have made, on behalf of the residents, vis-a-vis the purchase of Dungeness. So I won’t – suffice to say – again – that any concerns over any ‘Rachman’ type degenerate taking over the area and building holiday slums everywhere is hardly likely. It is also hardly likely that the 20 odd shack owners who are on leases shall be held to ransom over the purchase of their respective freeholds. Various Leasehold Enfranchisement (Reform) Acts prevent that. And anyway EDF need the area for the beach for the foreseeable future and once secured it would then make sense for them to sell on the residential area. I have emailed Vincent de Rivaz and offered him £1 for what he doesn’t want. The reply was in French but loosely translated something about dangling from the Eifel Tower. But he has promised to keep me informed of developments.
I think any comments by anyone living here (and those who don’t actually live here) should be positive and endear themselves to the new owners whom ever they might be not get up the noses and end up in unwinnable battles.
que sera sera! Ah that’s not French is it?

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