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Since the recent publicity on the impending sale of Dungeness we have witnessed a substantial increase in visitor numbers together with media interest in the form of national newspaper coverage and television companies.   All is dying down now except the wild speculation of who will end up the new owners of Dungie and what effects they could have on the place.   I have always said I will give space for comments from the Dungeness Residents Association and I will reprint their latest bulletin on another blog – and make comments there!


We received an interesting email (not the first) from a lady whose father was the Squadron Leader of 303 Polish Squadron during the battle of Britain and she told me, albeit too late to meet up, that she was visiting the area and the little memorial.   She wrote ‘As I said I was coming over today, which I did and got a drenching for my efforts!  It is 303 Squadron’s Święto (Feast Day) when they remember their fallen. I managed to find the memorial to Mieczyslaw Waskiewicz and Boguslaw Mierzwa and left a couple of red and white flowers – I then went to the sea and threw in the rest of the red and white flowers in memory of all the fallen but especially those that lost their lives during the Battle of Britain.  I read out the Song of 303 Squadron and “At the going down of the sun…” bit’.’    THANKS

Fresh flowers laid at the memorial by the daughter of 303 Squadron leader during the Battle of Britain.


The small shop called the ‘Fifth Quarter’ has quietly closed.  It had been selling small gifts and spiritual items for the past 7 or 8 years but the owner decided to it was time to ‘move on’


The latest shack up for sale has a price tag of £295,00.00.  A very well presented house it is located at the top end of the estate and it is up for sale with local company ‘Tersons’.
And already sold!


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