All go at Lydd Airport

The new hanger is nearing completion. Air Sea rescue helicopter base established, Electric Aircraft making history and runway extension to start soon.

Completion of the new 2,100 square metre hanger draws nearer. Charles Buchanan, Chief Executive of Lydd Airport, says the £700 million investment was necessary to accommodate the already increasing traffic and that it shows their determination to meet the needs and expectations of the growing number of aviation businesses and customers who use Lydd Airport. The runway extension will start in a few months time and will be open for business in the summer of next year (2016). Aircraft with up to 200 seat capacity will be able to use the facilities and Mr Buchanan states confidently it will make Lydd a regional airport – although he does expect growth to be 'modest' in the initial years. As traffic builds up then new planned passenger terminal will be constructed. All very positive but even in this weeks 'local rag' the anti brigade supporters continue their 'whinge' that expansion shouldn't be going ahead as it 'will never make money'. Well surely that's up to the investors and unlike the critic, who probably sits on his fat backside doing nothing and contributing nothing to the local community. At least Mr Buchanan and backers are attempting to bring a bit of life back to the area.

The new 24 hour Search and Rescue service is now operating from Lydd airport. Bristow Helicopters, the leading provider of search and rescue in the UK is operating two Augusta Westland AW139 helicopters on behalf of H.M. Coastguard and will be covering the coast from the Isle of Wight all the way around to the Humber in Yorkshire. Bristow has been providing this service since 1971 and has conducted over 15000 missions , rescuing some 7000 souls. Operation from Lydd airport has created 30 new jobs.

Atlantic Bridge Aviation, parent company to the Lydd Airport airline Lyddair have announced a scheme offering a share in an executive aircraft. Aimed at companies who cannot afford their own aircrafts, for the sum of £25,000.00, a 12.5% share of a 4 seater Piper Chieftain is on offer. Not sure if PayPal is accepted but all enquiries to Lydd airport.

And on Friday next week (10th July) the first crossing of the Channel by an all electric aeroplane will take place from Lydd. Designated the 'E-Fan' and developed at a cost of nearly £15 million by Airbus it will be making its maiden flight to Calais. The two seater silent prototype is the first of a new generation of electrically driven aircraft and it should be in service by 2018. It was first seen at the Paris airshow in June. And a thought – what will protesters have to protest about if it doesn't make a noise? No debt they will find something. Personally I think the hissing noise of the engines could attract amorous geese – with disastrous results!!

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