Polish Pilots Memorial

It looks as though the MOD (Ministry of Defence) are willing to assist in getting the memorial re-established but it does look as though someone has been affecting local repairs – and we would like to know who it is –  so as not to step on any toes.   Is the person making the repairs the same person who erected the site in the first place?   Please contact us if it is you or if you know  the person concerned.

In the meantime it looks as though things are moving and we understand through contacts with the Polish Air Force Memorial Committee  that they would also like some input.   We also had pledges and donations towards the costs (these were refunded by PayPal due to lack of activity).  So overall still a lot of interest.

There is a meeting tomorrow to outline proposals on what way to go but in meantime if there is anyone out there with thoughts on the matter please make them known through the 'contact' page.

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