Polish Memorial


First an apology to those who read the initial post re alleged vandalism of the memorial.

We have received instant responses from many – and with kind offers to help recreate a new site.    It transpires the Polish Embassy were unaware of this remote memorial but thanks to a local contributor the revised original blog has been sent on to all  interested parties in Poland and beyond.  

The facts behind the origins of the  memorial site are sketchy as it is not known who was responsible for its erection in the first place.   Does anyone know?

Owen Leyshon of the Romney Marsh Countryside Project, they who oversee the goings on at Dungeness, is in full support of having the site rebuilt and possibly moved to a place nearer to the car park at the train station/old lighthouse.   It was originally in that area but due to visiting vandals using it for target practice with air rifles  it was moved to a more peaceful area, yet outside of the general public view.   Since the introduction of regular armed police patrols in the area vandalism seems to have been eliminated and it is felt that a new site, that visitors to the area could readily  see, would seem to be a viable option.  

It is tentatively proposed that the new memorial will be based on similar lines to the original – i.e. a more personal display, with photographs and a short write up, rather than a cross or slab of granite.  To be able to see the faces of these two young airmen who, with thousands of others,  gave their lives for our freedom is, in my opinion, preferable to an impersonal lump of stone!  

It is early days yet but as funds will be needed to finance the rebuilding of a memorial, no matter what form it may take (and suggestions welcome) anyone wishing to donate through the ‘Donate’ button can rest assured that, no matter what form the memorial will take, all monies will be passed to whomever is taking up the mantel to get things organised.       

Thank you again for all who responded.   It’s good to know people still care!!



Before being damaged.

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