Nuclear Power Extension

Dungeness 'B' Station has been granted an operational extension for a  further ten years of operation extending power output to the year 2028.   This will safeguard up to 750 jobs of which it is stated 75% of the workforce reside within a fifteen mile radius of Dungeness.

It would seem the consensus of opinion with locals and others that keeping the plant in operation is a good thing for the area.

Local M.P. Damien Collins is still fighting for the construction of a third power station to replace 'B' when that finally closes.   It seems odd that Dungeness was ruled out by government to even appear in the shortlist as to where future nuclear plants are to be located.

The 'A' station is currently being dismantled and you can watch this happen live on the Magnox website  or on 'twitter'  @magnoxsites.


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