Airport – Final Hurdle


An appeal by by the RSPB (Society for protection of birds)  against further expansion to the airport was overturned in the High Court.   This was the final hurdle of many years of battles to prevent any expansion but now works on the runway extension and the new terminal build can commence.   After the hearing the representatives from the RSPB agreed they would be working closely with the airport team to ensure all interests are met.

I still maintain that birds being more adept at creating accommodation than humans and the fact that the whole area of the wildlife site has expanded from the time when the airport was at its busiest, there will be little disruption to their current way of life.   We had similar complaints when motorways were to 'scour the face of the land' and ruin wildlife but as it turned out the no mans land between motorways have become a haven for all forms of wildlife.   Humans were against gravel extraction but as we have seen 30 years on we have even more wildlife (birds) visiting the area simply because of these artificial lakes.





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