Is This the Future of Lydd Airport?

The  terminal services now include Customs, immigration and even Special Branch and it is hoped this will attract more executive jets, helicopters, light aircraft and cargo.

Regular flights to Verona and Naples run by Newmarket Holidays, as well as to Le Touquet in France, operated by LyddAir are already in force with the hopes of further expansion.

Lydd Airport have welcomed the first Newmarket Holidays passengers, who previously would have flown in and out of Manston Airport but the opposition to any expansion still rolls on with  campaign groups citing damage to the environment and the potential catastrophe of an aircraft crashing into Dungeness nuclear power station and Sue Royal of  the Royal Society for the Protection of Birds stating “Not only does increasing flights from Lydd risk potential disturbance to wildlife and its habitat, it also threatens an area that has been frequently praised as one of the most tranquil in the UK, attracting millions of visitors every year and valued by local people.

 What tosh!  Lets fight to prevent a return to the good old days with the noise and pollution that was part of the daily life.   Ah but I suspect the protestees were not around then.


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