EU Polls

Dungeness Lifeboat station once again became the official polling station for the area.   Politics aside it was interesting or alarming to see the number of candidates 'applying' for the 1/4 million pound basic pay job (plus all the expenses that one can fiddle).   UKIP, as expected came good, gaining 32% of all votes throughout Kent, with 24 members going to EU parliament.   I wonder whether they and all the others going there, will stand up and be counted for what they have told the electorate they believe in or will they, once on the gravy train, be afraid to open their orifices (vocal!)  and rock the boat, thus jeopardising  tier future lavish, potential, life styles.

I think it was a quote in the New York Times that said if you really want to hear what a politician has to say you really have to put your ear to his backside (well they said 'arse' but thought that word might be a little too strong).   Either way the point was made and possibly it applies to all politicians no matter what country they come from.

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