Lydd Airport Appeal

The High Court has ruled against an appeal by the 'Anti Expansion' brigade to prevent the proposed runway extension.    This means expansion,albeit on a very small scale, can continue.   I wonder whether the lobbyists against expansion, predominantly on the spurious grounds of upsetting this area of natural beauty (sic),  will throw their collective weight against any plans for a third nuclear power station.   One suspects not.

We have seen campaigns featuring graphic pictures of terrorists (or drunk pilots) crashing their 747's into the power station to citing European legislation  protecting a small endangered slug.   Proof if proof were needed that there are a minority of non local locals who simply do not want to see an airport operating successfully, at any cost.   No airline will be that successful here, certainly not on any significant scale, so let the owners spend their money and hopefully with support industries setting up at he airport there will be a future for some expansion in local employment.   We  may also benefit from improvements in infra structure –  in particular traffic control or a round-a-bout at Hammonds corner or even maybe the re-opening of the branch line to Ashford.

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