For Sale

Its that time of year again.   A little sunshine, more visitors and more properties for sale.   At least five shacks (sorry bungle houses) on the market ranging from £200,000.00 to £295,000.00.   Four are listed on 'Right Move' and 'Zoopla' sites and the fifth with agents 'Black & White'.

And the usual moan – if I could get a broadband signal that would last for just a few hours I would post some pictures of the properties as I would of some other interesting items for sale – namely  DUNGENESS WALLPAPER and other locally inspired paraphernalia!!   Thats right – wall paper depicting this rather unique area.   Photographs will follow but in the meantime you may wish to visit the website

Also to hand and courtesy of Ann the wife of the late Snoo Wilson, playwright, author and word smith extraordinaire are half a dozen copies of 'The Works of Melmont'.   First published in 2004 these books are first editions of an initial run of 1000.   The tome is also being sold locally but if purchased through this website (via the 'Donations' button ) all receipts will be passed to the RNLI.  Suggested donations of £10.00.

As for what the book is about I do not know as I have only just commenced the first reading.   Snoo has a way of writing, quite unlike any other author with a vivid imagination and backed by very thorough research.   Possibly about a wealthy media entrepreneur who fell off a boat – but who can say?   Simon Callow, who spoke so eloquently (as only he can) at Snoos funeral service, provides the 'forward' but that doesn't help me a lot to understand what is to follow!!

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