Seal of Approval for Nuclear Power Station

A large black Seal, now named Davina, has taken up residence in a forebay (large open seawater chamber) at the 'B' station power plant.   These forebays are used to contain sea water for cooling of the nuclear plant.

Davina seems too be very contented with the warm water that surrounds her and is eating well from the large stock of fish that also get sucked into the forebay.   Such is her contentedness – this always loveable of creatures (looking like a friendly Labrador dog – but without ears) doesn't want to leave.   This is not strictly true as, without help she cannot leave and much time and effort is being spent on coming up with ideas on how to safely to remove her from her new found luxury home.   Just as well this isn't Japan – a stout club would soon sort things out!




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