Like Waiting for a Bus

You wait for a bus for ages and then along comes half a dozen.   Bit like these posts.  Have four drafts waiting for publication then no internet connection (changed suppliers – together with too little connection speed).and also no way of posting photographs.

Followed a prat up the road the day before yesterday who ignored the red flashing lights at the level crossing – missing a train by 30 feet.  (Regrettably I did not get his number and he had disappeared before I manage to get across)  I then pick up the latest copy of 'The Looker' yesterday and there is a report of a 76 year old male charged with a similar offence at a light controlled crossing further down the track.   CCTV camera footage evidently showed the rear of the offending vehicle  close to the passing train, the driver of which had to perform an emergency braking action.     Not only was the car driver not punished for the offence the judge ruled that his actions were not dangerous and ordered the jury to return a not guilty verdict.   I thought we had a system in this country where it was the jury who made the decisions based on the evidence brought to their attention.   The judge also agreed to the privately funded defence costs be paid by the taxpayers.

Ah – I see – the defendant was a retired diplomat – the former High Commissioner to New Zealand!.   And I don't think the idiot who managed to kill a female train driver a year or so back paid too much of a penalty for their 'chicken run' driving.

On a brighter note went to see Courtney Pine (innovative jazz musician of many years standing) in Ashford Church.last night.   I have never been a fan of 'modern' jazz but like to support venues where they put on live music.   What a pleasant surprise.   For years my brain had classified Courtney as a 'too way out' jazz improviser for my tastes but with a highly professional band and playing a fusion of Caribbean/Jazz music my opinion changed last night.   An extra- ordinary performer.   Well worth seeing!

Following an argument with a large pot hole which, for our overseas readers, proliferate our country roads, my front near side wheel fractured.  A replacement from Jaguar – over £450.00.  eBay a little cheaper but lost out on the bidding war. so decided to invest in a complete set of new wheels (and sell off the remaining 3 Jag ones to help cover the cost.

The point of this  uninteresting topic is that I received such good service from  Wheelbase Alloys  ( I thought I would give them a mention. The  four wheels were not only cheaper to buy than one Jag wheel – the quality and looks were better than expected.   a sting in the tail –  10 days later hit another pothole and ruined one of them.   New one being made – and just as well I hadn't sold the original Jag items.   so if you are in the UK and looking to change the appearance of your motor or need a set of wheels – g to wheelbase alloys.   (and they are not even paying me for this free publicity.

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