Happy New Year

Happy New Year – and we did survive the storms!  Those who know Dungeness will be aware it is always a little windy here so the odd 'Force 8' doesn't get recognised as anything out of the ordinary.   One caravan did get turned upside down but we aren't sure whether that was down to the wind or the honeymoon couple staying there at the time.   Quite interesting to note the new 'high tide' marks getting closer and also some quite spectacular sunsets and sun rises.   One below courtesy of resident Dave Gower.


from MG 14/01/14  

My only New Years resolution  – to attempt to keep the web site more up to date.   Difficult as not a lot happens although, not strictly Dungeness, the local airport does seem set for some expansion.   The anti brigade are still chuntering about it all and oh those poor little slugs that will have to be moved out of their homes to make way for all the horrible hunman beings.   As said before, since the sixties, no airline has managed to provide a profitable service and haven't really lasted too long but if someone is prepaired to plough millions of pounds into the local economy then at least they should be given a chance.

Hopefully the 'Where to Stay' page will be updated and added to although there is now only one bed and breakfast on the beach there are several within striking distance and also a couple more house rebuilds that will be providing accommodation.


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