£1/3 Million to £1.5 Million


The latest property for sale on the beach, with an asking price of £350,000.00 received an offer within 5 days of being marketed by local, Rye, estate agents Phillips & Stubbs. The 'shack' towards the north of the estate is in fact one of the 'purpose built' bungalows and is in very good order. Must make mine worth at least fifteen hundred!.

Also for sale with New Romney agents, Tersons', is 'Sleepers Cottage' which is a 'genuine shack' being based around a railway carriage. This 3 bedroomed property is in excellent order and current asking price is in the region of £260,00.00

Andrew & Co, in Ashford, have a three bed end of terrace – former Coast guard cottage, at £220,00.00. This is a sturdy building and is located just outside the 'camp gates'.

And Finally at the top end of the scale is a complex for which offers over £1.5 Million would be considered (through this web site only).


'Penny Cottage' was sold in December last for £290,00.00 (Zoopla). This was a recently rebuilt cottage of the highest standard but a planning application has been made to reduce this to rubble and rebuilt! Pending consent.

'Peacehaven' further south on the estate has already been raised to the ground with planning permission granted for a rebuild.

The 'Sanctuary', (The William Fagg Lodge) formerly a world War 2 air raid shelter, then local community hall and Church is currently undergoing re-development by award winning 'Ecolibrium Solutions Ltd' – responsible for the rebuilding of the old 'Smokery' property (now 'Shingle House') and the Romney Marsh Visitor Centre. The revived property will be available for holiday lets upon completion.

Although there has been some local opposition to changes in what is perceived to be the character of the estate, one thing is for certain – the money being spent on these projects will at least ensure there will still be buildings standing here (subject to any high tides) in 100 years time.

I should add the word 'shack' associated with properties on the estate is, by no means used as a derogatory term but as an endearing term much used by those wishing it be known that they do, in fact, live in a shack on a beach as opposed to a square box in Acacia Crescent in suburbia!!

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