Governmnet GoAhead for Airport

The government have finally decided to support the expansion of Lydd airport (aka Ashford International) but this will not stop the anti brigade from further action.  Off they trudge to the European Courts to state their case – this time the alleged safety issues.   18 months or so ago they had discovered a protected slug or some such creature but this fizzled out so this time it is the safety of the local area due to the close proximity of the nuclear power stations.   Proof, if proof were needed that there is no genuine reason for not having an expansion simply the fact that 'they' do not want it to affect their lives.  

'They' seem to overlook the fact that the nuclear power stations were conceived when the airport was one of the busiest in the country and they are worried a 747 might crash or at worst be hijacked and crashed into afore mentioned power stations.   I personally fear more for those living under the flight paths of Heathrow and Gatwick.   Further they fear the act of hi jacking and subsequent demolition of the 'A' or 'B' structures.   Any right thinking terrorist would hire a little Cessna and take it 60 miles up the road and crash it into the patio on the Thames of the House of Commons – far more world wide publicity in that action and far easier to organise.

 I have said before I do not think any airline will, in the long term, find operating out of Lydd a viable proposition but if someone is prepared to inject £40 odd million into the local area then they should be given every assistance – not stopped by a pack of outsiders who have openly admitted they moved to the area to retire to the peace and quiet!  

There has always been an airport here and any jobs created through the expansion should be welcomed.

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