Nothing to report – then it snows!

For the second year running we have had snow at Dungeness. Must be to do with global warming. Upshot is the place is beautifully quiet (no traffic) and there is an eerie calm about the place. The grey sky merges with the greyness of the sea and the snow softens the already bleak landscape resulting in tranquil haven. It used to be like this in the fifties (19 not 18).

It has just been noticed that four previous articles have been languishing in the 'draft' box – dating back to February of last year, April November and December – all a little out of date now!

One article was a mention that a local resident, Jean Couperthwaite had passed away. 41 years on the beach Jean, whose husband died 6 months earlier, ran the local railway cafe for many years. She leaves behind six children.

unusual for Dungeness but we have had reports of a few house break-ins. Probably local persons involved as they clearly knew the properties were not permanently lived in. I have suggested using bear traps around the perimeter of houses but evidently that goes against the European human rights of burglars. Alright to castrate the morons if we can catch them at it though!

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