174 plus 12

There are 174 steps up a spiral staircase plus 12 vertical to reach the top of the new lighthouse where, courtesy of Trinity House and the assistance of roving engineer Paul and his new apprentice Darren, I managed to co-erse web site man and serious amateur photographer Tom (who is terrified of heights) for a photo shoot. There are too few pics from this location and it was good to get permission to see how the estate looked from this aspect. An added bonus arrived after 3/4 hour or so when the Dungeness mist rolled in, obscuring the power stations but providing the opportunity to capture a set of varying images. Tom is responsible for 90% of photos on this site and these may be reproduced but kindly remember, if used elsewhere, to give a credit to 'Tom Dolezal' – Thanks! His photos from todays visit will be posted to the gallery shortly but in the meantime a few of mine appear, courtesy of an inexpensive Fuji 'Finepix' camera. The first impression from inside the lighthouse are the beautiful lines and curves, enhanced by the pristine condition that Trinity House, as always, maintain their properties. A second revelation was the light output emanates from just two small battery driven bulbs not much larger than found in a domestic fridge – highly magnified through the four prisms inside of which the bulbs sit.


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