Nuclear Waste Dump rumbles on

And so the emotive use of the word 'dump' is still headlining local newspapers as the 'shall we have it shall we not' debate rumbles on.   The local newspaper 'the Romney Marsh Herald'  carried out a poll which asked if they were in favour of the local council pursuing the matter.   45.8% of those who voted said yes, 53% said no and 1.2% said they dint know.   Impressive figures until you learn only 1367 individuals bothered to vote.   But this dint stop one local councilors stating 'Ignoring the results of the heralds HUGE nuclear poll could lead to riots' they have warned.   What prats!   As is always the way with local polls only the ardent activists will say no (to everything)  with a silent majority obviously not strongly against the issues.


It will not be a dump – pile of nuclear radiation filled tin cans piled up on our doorstep –  but secure compounds thousands of feet below the surface.   This is a proposed 12 billion pound project that would bring much needed work to the area.   Critics are quite happy to have their homes lit an heated by nuclear power but do not want the waste products left here.   In any event it is many years in the future and before making decisions we need far more information on the subject and certainly more news of the sites already in use in the US and elsewhere.

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