More Properties for Sale

Two more properties are up for sale in the region of £230,000.00 to £250,000.00 and £280,000.00 to £300,000.00 for the second – both with estate agents Walds in New Romney High Street (01797 363745) – mention this website!!!

I haven't see the first unarmed property – set back off Dungeness Road – but the second Penny Cot – next to the Lifeboat station is a 2 bed place in fantastic condition – probably the best on the beach (reflecting the record asking price) and has uninterrupted views to the sea and set in well maintained gardens.   It was constructed in the '90's by the family of builders who, with advancing years have decided to move to a more suitable, warden assisted premises in Folkestone.   We wish them well and thank them for making a valuable contribution to the area with the legacy of a sympathetically rebuilt (from scratch) building, which all being well will be around for another 100 years.   (I have photos but having problems transporting them to this page – hopefully soon rectified.

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