Pay to visit Dungeness??

Discussions and consultations have been on going  for months on how best to  control the visitors to the area and to raise funds for the upkeep of the road and general maintenance of the area, which does suffer from an excess wear and tear, caused by the ever increasing visiting public.

First thoughts were 'what a hair brained scheme' but upon reflection the estate is private and there are not many private places, open to the general public, that do not charge for the privilege of visiting.   And of course there is considerable wear and tear to the roads in particular.   Funds are raised from local businesses, except the Britannia Public House – who, according to sources, decline to make any contribution, but these are not sufficient to keep the estate in good order.

How best to implement such a scene? A guard house at the entrance and a toll booth? What about the residents – the families of the residents, visitors to the pub or lighthouse or railway station?  

One thought was to close the road off completely and issue all residents with mini hovercraft.  

Any suggestions or comments please email.   

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