I don't know what happened to my rather long diatribe on Bees in the area, which I thought got 'posted' 3 weeks or so ago but it isn't there.   Anyway a herd of short haired bumbly bees has been introduced into the area to help in the regeneration of the dwindling bee population  throughout the U.K.  (Much information on the Guardian website).    And if that weren't enough my litery competent neighbour has brought his new flock down, to be released when the weather gets a little warmer – which is today – but he isn't here and I am not going to let them out.   The honey from his previous hive was exceptionally good, with the bees enjoying a vast variety of local flowers that thrive in the  area.   That having been said his honey from  the depths of Battersea (South London – for our overseas readers) was equally a good.   A recent Radio 4 wildlife program did make the point that 'Urban' bees do produce very good honey as tens of thousands of suburban and city dwellers, making the most of their limited space, are growing an ever increasing and diverse variety of flowers and fauna.

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