Nuclear Dumping Ground

Uproar yet again –  this time after it was revealed that the Romney Marsh may become the 'dumping ground' for all nuclear waste in the UK.   'Romney Marsh deserves a better future than being a dumping ground for all of Britains nuclear waste so says our local MP, Damien Collins.   It is this tabloid type headlining with emotive words such as 'dumping' – as if there is going to be a big hole dug into the shingle and tins of nuclear waste shoved in.

 Whatever the rights and wrongs or nuclear energy – we have it and the waste already produced will be around for many Hundreds of years – and it has to be stored.

 The proposals seem to be akin to what the Americans have had in  New Mexico since 2001.   A multi billion pound underground storage facility some 2000 feet below ground level.

 In this little country if there were any serious leaks, no matter where in the UK it were stored, it would affect the whole country.   Better welcome storage in this country than sending abroad where controls and regulations may be less stringent – so does it matter where it is to be stored?

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