News in Brief

Not a lot happening – summer is here – gale force winds and temperatures not above 10 degrees.

A year ago it was announced there was  a £600,000.00 pot of money to be made available to increase broadband speed in remote area ( it would be good to get any signal here!).    This weeks local paper confirms 'the council and its partners will have to meet conditions and prove the promise of delivering a faster service before cash is released'.   A cabinet member says there is still a lot of work to be done but he is confident they will get a contracted service in place to be able to offer a super fast broadband speed for up to 90 per cent of rural areas.   What a lot of tosh. It isn't about super fast speeds – its getting a service in the first place and in any event the service can only be as good as  the lines provided by British Telecom.   All that is needed in this area is £100,00.00 to update the local exchange and that would bring broadband to those who cannot get it at all.   Super fast speeds is not thissue!

The Daily Telegraph reported that the South Easts' airports are so busy that the government may be expecting smaller 'hubs' – like Lydd – to take on extra capacity.  The paper stated even ardent opponents of airport expansion would admit that more capacity was needed in our region.   Not on your Nelly – these recent immigrants to the area will defend their rights to peace and quiet at all costs.  They are not interested in the welfare of others or the region – only themselves –   and don't forget the lesser spotted newt – protected by the European Union – we can't have them upset by expansion.   Come the revolution!!!

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