Snow Again


                          February 4th/5th brought more snow to the area.

I know we cannot compete with Moscow on the weather front  where they are currently experiencing temperatures around the -30 degree mark.   The past few days here have been as low as -3 and with wind chill factor -8 but today  a pleasant 0  degrees – this increase in temperature bringing the snow – for the second year running – must be something to do with global warming.

 In the past snow clouds have skirted past this little 'point' and any snow flurries we might have had were soon dissipated due to to the excess salt in the atmosphere.

However during last night  we had a good amount of the white stuff and with temperatures dropping.  !

Certainly snow changes the landscape dramatically and in a way making the place look quite beautiful.   Doesn't last long though!


A couple of fishermen from North Kent spent a chilly night having been told it doesn't snow at Dungeness.  They managed to catch a few small dabs but not sufficient to cook on their calor gas grill.   Just as well they brought a few chicken breasts to barbie!





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