Ticking off!

An overseas 'fan' took me to task over last item 'Lifes a Beach' for being biased and controversial.

I said you should have seen the draft!!

No the point is being controversial stimulates argument and or discussion!

The main point I make is, having been here for past 42 years I don't want the place spoilt or indeed under water – well not during the time I have left on this earth and if shifting a few tons of shingle is the current answer then, subject to a good alternative, it is something we have to put up with.

We had the same works carried out up to 7 years ago and as it is only a five day a week operation it will not affect the majority of those against as they only come down at weekends. Out of the 90 odd shacks here less than half are inhabited full time. The loudest voices seem to come from those who don't live here!

Energies should be directed at getting a long term solution for the protection of Dungeness.

Dungeness needs protecting and preserving. That is why, until a better long term solution is found I am not against the proposed beach movement. Saying I am not against it does not imply I am for it – but if needs must…..!!!!

So I shall remain an independent voice and be controversial.

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