New Website

This, must say popular, website was offered to the local Residents Association (for free) as it had been muted they wanted to create an 'offical' Dungeness site. I felt that, with the monies available in their 'kitty', great improvents could have been made.  However the offer was rejected – well not actually rejected – ignored. So at great expense, to this hard up retired old person, I have commissioned a new site and sod the expense.  If the dog has to go hungry so be it.

The new 'fresh' site is looking good and should be 'up' in the next week to ten days. Saddened at having to take my life savings to pay for his lavish lifestyle the web designer has inserted a 'Donate' button (for free!!!!) should any reader take pity! This 'Paypal' link will hopefully serve as an easy method of payment for any  purchases of Dungeness memorabilia that may be offered by local artists etc.

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