Broadband – still not available!

60 miles from the capital of this little nation and we cannot get a broadband signal – well I can – at .45mbps but I am the last of the line.  Others have to rely on mobile phone connections – and they leave something to be desired.   Being made aware the local council had funds made available to 'speed up' speeds in rural areas I wrote to our local councillor.   Had quite a speedy reply but nothing positive well maybe if you consider tenders have been put out for a provider who can supply 90% of the area with at least 5mbps and the remainder with 2mbps.  I suppose an improvement on .45 or nothing at all. We shall see. We have been privately canvassed from a company providing satellite  cover but at a price.  Even Monks on the highest plains in Tibet get better service.  I suppose it is our fault for deciding to remain in a third world country!

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